Sylvanian Interviews

Here you will find interviews with your favourite Sylvanians. Updated each week, this page will be full of information.

Hilda Hamilton (Tilley Hawthorne)

Me: Hello Hilda thank you for coming today.
Hilda: Oh, it's no trouble.
Me: Good. I hear that St Francis School, in which you are Deputy Headteacher, are putting on a play. Can you tell us about it?
Hilda: Well, our school will be performing Cinderella. Each year we put on a princess play. Last year it was Sleeping Beauty.
Me: When are the auditions being held, Hilda?
Hilda: Auditions will be held on Monday after school at the Play Park.
Me: Can anyone audition?
Hilda: Not everyone. Only members of St Francis School and St Johns.
Me: Well thank you Hilda. Tickets will be on sale from the 31st March.

The Beaufort Family

Me: Hello, thank you for agreeing to do this interview.
Vania Beaufort: It is a pleasure.
Me: Now we all know that you are the newest residents in Sylvania. From the Artic Circle, I imagine.
Sven Beaufort: Yes, you are right.
Me: So I hear you are opening a new Ice Cream Cart, can you tell us about it?
Vania: Well, my mother and father were both ice cream makers as was Sven's, we both trained at the Royal Society for Ice Cream Makers so we decided that we should put our experience to good use.
Sven: We were shocked when we heard Sylvania had no ice cream cart. We immediately drew up plans and before moving here we asked Wade Waters and Richard E. Grunt to build us a cart.
Me: So, Verity, Valentino, what is your favourite ice cream flavour?
Verity: I like many kinds of ice cream, ummmm.... One of my favourites is chocolate though!
Valentino: I don't know how you could like ice cream, Verity! Disgusting stuff!
Me: (Laughing) Well Valentino, I guess you won't be taking over the family business!
Valentino: Of course not! I will be skating in the Olympics at that time!
Verity: Hey! Thats my dream!
Victoria: Ice!
Victor: Cream!
Me: Thank you everyone for the interview. I will be back soon with more exciting news!